Friday, October 9, 2009

Menu for the week

Stuffed eggplants Lebanese style/salad
Thai style chicken and ribs/rice/broccoli (dinner w/friends)
Black eyed peas soup/salad
Fusilli with roasted red pepper sauce/bread

Why do we eat beans so often? Well, there so many reasons why we love them: They are cheap, they are easy to prepare, they are full of protein, they are full of fiber, they freeze beautifully and most importantly, my kids LOVE them, I mean, love them a lot. It does not matter which ones: black, red, pinto, lentils, split, cannellini or black eyed peas they love them, which makes me a happy mama...

Here is the break down for this week:

Aldi/Kroger $32
Costco $12
Super H $22

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