Monday, June 11, 2018

Photo Journal - Europe Road Trip Germany-Czech Republic Part II

Continuing on with Prague - See part I of our road trip here

To escape the crowds we ventured out to Letna Park and Vyserhad castle. Here are a few snapshots

Back in the old town, we could not resist another walk on the Charles Bridge

I couldn't help climbing yet another tower to get a different perspective, this time, the Lesser Town Tower

Let us not say goodbye to Prague without mentioning Trdelniks. This treat made even more delicious  with ice cream made its way to our heart in every way possible! If you love sweets then this will be right up your alley. I am not even going to lie, but we ate them every single day!

Before we knew it, we are leaving Prague and heading back to Germany... We promised ourselves to come back to the Czech Republic and got in our rental for more adventures in Bavaria/Baden Wurttemberg

Next stop, Nuremberg. The historic part of Nuremberg is conveniently walled off in a relatively small space. We loved taking a walk around, getting lost in the little streets

Views from the castle

The discussions these two have over ice cream... I digress

Baden Baden - This posh little town was a favorite of mine. The charming little streets are all within easy walking distance

I decided I want all my meals in a biergarten

We especially loved walking the Lichtentaler allee.

Onto the highlight of our trip... Visiting with long time friends in the Black Forest.

I love that getting together with them is like no time has passed... Our easy rapport came back just the way it used to be. We had fun remembering our time together before we all had kids... And now our kids are getting to know each other and make (what i hope is) lasting friendships of their own. I can not thank these guys enough for welcoming us in their house and taking the time to hangout with us... We are so lucky to have you in our lives. Let's not wait so long to get together next time, deal?

We moved on from the Black Forest to visit with yet more friends.

Imagine a beautiful sunny day in Zurich... Sun shining, people out and about. It was a perfect day made even better because we were with friends.

But before Zurich, we stopped at the RhineFall.

Zurich has a compact little historic district. We took our time wandering the crowded little streets and discovering some picturesque spots along the way.

V is obsessed with Vespas... She wants one with a basket in canary yellow

M made friends with this swan... It's the little things friends...

Who wouldn't love hanging out in this backyard?...

Ah Switzerland, you are lovely. I hope to see you soon too!

Confession: I want to live in Europe, can you tell? I know each place has it challenges but I feel that Europe does it right, don't you think?... In talking with our friends in Germany, and hearing about their own travel adventures has me invigorated and hungry to explore more of Europe. I want to do what they do and do more slow exploring... Get into those nooks and crannies in Europe that are off the radar... Visiting the big attractions are fun but getting off the beaten path, that is the way to do it. Let's hope for more adventures in the near future... I'll keep you all posted.

This concludes our 20th anniversary road trip. We had a blast...  Lucky is a word that comes to mind when I think of the life we have been able to built. I won't lie, it's not always roses but I wouldn't change our life for anything. I can't wait to see what the next 20 years have in store for us.

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